Let's talk about the state of the Utah Jazz. Gotta be real about it.
Things are starting to click for the Utah Jazz! They got the win they needed, and now they're coming home.
Let's break down the win and answer some of your (awesome) questions!
The Utah Jazz dispatched the powerhouse 76ers on Wednesday night. Now, tonight in SLC, they face the Milwaukee Bucks. This week is huge for how the Jazz are perceived as a contender in the young season. Are they up for the challenge?

The Utah Jazz eagerly await the eventual return with Dante Exum and a matchup vs. 5-1 Philadelphia this evening. Are the Jazz ready for the challenge?

The Utah Jazz have a superstar, but his teammates let him down last night vs. the Clippers. Tune in to the Jazz with Taz podcast this morning for a full breakdown! (Spoiler alert: I'm not holding anything back today.)

Sole possession of the #1 seed, while fleeting, is a beautiful feeling.
The Utah Jazz have to keep their guard up vs. the hungry, winless Sacramento Kings tonight.
The Ghost of Mike Conley Past visited the Utah Jazz last night, spurring a fabulous victory over the Los Angeles Clippers and laying his yips to rest.
Jazz fans, rejoice!
Sometimes, the W is all that matters.
The Utah Jazz beat Ricky Rubio and the Phoenix Suns last night by the narrowest of margins. Let's talk about it!

Bojan Bonanza

Bojan Bogdanovic returns triumphant, the Utah Jazz offense finds its legs, and we look forward to the matchup with Ricky Rubio and the overachieving Phoenix Suns.

The Utah Jazz are in Los Angeles to take on LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and...whoever else is on the Lakers these days.

Are they ready? Let's preview the Game 2 action!

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